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Quick payment with the app
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1. Download

Download the free app from App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store

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Sign Up

Register your vehicle and your payment card with the app or parkonoff.com. Register muliple vehicles by clicking the ”plus”

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Start your parking

Zoom to street level, position yourself, choose your parking spot with a click. Control that the information in the app correspond with the street parking signs. Click ON to start your parking.

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Finish and drive

When returning to the vehicle click OFF to finish parking. Your card will get charged for the exact parking time.


Easy and secure parking system develeloped together with one of Europe’s leading tech companies.
ParkOnOff developed for the future.
  • Fast and easy

  • Don’t forget to register your vehicle and payment card

  • Zoom in on the map

  • Set reminder

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+46 411 194 20 e mail: info@parkonoff.com

My Pages

Under “My Pages”, parkonoff.com/mypages, you can reset your password, register a new payment card, pay an unpaid parking and download receipts.

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